Multiple Missing Teeth in Montgomery, AL
Multiple Missing Teeth in Montgomery, ALDental implants can be used to replace any number of missing teeth. Many times, a patient will experience the loss of a single tooth because of an accidental injury or from disease. The old standard for single tooth replacement was to put in place a dental bridge. While a dental bridge certainly does have its merits, there are also several disadvantages. Bridges do harm to healthy teeth, because they require adjacent teeth to be reshaped in order to support the bridge. This makes them especially susceptible to tooth rot or decay. A dental bridge can also lead to deterioration of the jawbone.

Dental implants are widely held to be the most successful tooth replacement option. This is because they are made from titanium, which is naturally compatible with the body. The titanium implant is surgically placed into the jaw and given time to naturally fuse with the bone. Once integrated, dental implants act just like natural teeth. They are held firmly in place and stimulate bone and soft tissue regeneration. Dental implants make activities such as chewing food and talking clearly seem natural again. Although the crown of the implant may need to be replaced with normal use, dental implants are still a more sustainable option for tooth replacement.

Dental implants
can also be used to replace multiple teeth. There are two methods for this. One method is to place individual implants at the site of each missing tooth. Another method is to use an implant supported bridge. This is similar to a normal dental bridge, except that it is supported by dental implants rather than natural teeth. This reduces the risk of inflicting damage to otherwise healthy teeth.

Regular care and maintenance for your dental implants is the same as with natural teeth. Brushing and flossing at least twice a day as well as periodic dental checkups is all that you need. By following up with basic hygiene, you can ensure a long lifetime for your dental implants.

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